We structure entirely bespoke debt collection solutions and assist with debts across the entire lifecycle.

Our Services

Bespoke, effective debt collection

Every business environment is different, and no two businesses operate alike, which is why, at Blue Oceans Collection Services, we pride ourselves on our tailormade debt collections approach. By first analysing your needs, we are able to structure an entirely bespoke debt collections solution and assist with debts across the entire lifecycle from early-stage collections of slightly delayed payments to tracing and face-to-face visits.

Whether you are struggling to collect from a regular client going through a bad patch, or a once off debtor with no intention to pay, we adjust our approach to ensure the best outcomes for your business needs, to ensure ongoing relationships and the strongest possible client relations.

Best in class tools

We make use of only the best tools to ensure compliance

By making use of a variety of tools such as Swordfish, and the Consumer Profile Bureau we ensure swift, effective, and moral debt collections that adhere to all procedures and protocols to ensure compliance with the POPI Act and the requirements of our various governing bodies.


Excalibur by FutureSoft manages debt collection workflows, staff and communication required to ensure successful debt recovery.


Amplifin ALLPS-i is an advanced web-based front-end collection and payment management solution that allows access to all payment streams & services, simplifying debit order and payment requirements.


Techpay offers smart, innovative payment options, from e-Wallet to WhatsApp payments.

A member of the Association of Debt Recovery Agents (ADRA) and Council for Debt Collectors (CFDC), Blue Oceans Collection Services can assist you through soft debt-collections, and debt review file payments to collect on slow or unpaid debts and ensure you can meet those critical payments.